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Coupe du Monde FIFA Qatar 2022

Vivez la préparation de la Coupe du monde avec nous !

Le processus de recrutement des Jeunes Ambassadeurs pour l’an prochain vient de commencer ! C’est une formidable opportunité de travailler avec le comité organisateur du mondial (le Supreme Committee). Inscriptions jusqu’au 15 septembre 2018 seulement, faites vite !

Coupe du Monde FIFA Qatar 2022

We are looking for young people aged between 14-21, who have the ambition to make a difference and the ability to help us in Deliver Amazing to join our youth ambassador programme, the Youth Panel. It’s a rare chance to work alongside the SC for one year and assist in delivering an amazing tournament.

Youth Panel (YP) is a flagship programme which provides a select group of young people with the unique opportunity to :

See how the SC operates from the inside – Meet the team and inform the plans for the Tournament and 2022 Legacy
Share in the responsibility of Delivering Amazing
Discover the social and economic make up of their local community, the potential impacts of regeneration on the area and the process of local democracy
Encourage young people in the longer term, to become active participants in their community by using the skills and knowledge gained on this programme
Providing opportunity for public speaking and exposure

To learn more and apply, please read the enclosed PDF file and visit the links on the SC’s website :
formulaire en anglais
formulaire en arabe


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